Total Equity Funding
$2.7M in 4 Rounds from 20 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$1.6M Venture on May 28, 2015
New York, NY
NewsWhip tracks and predicts the stories, events and people getting engagement on social networks.
SEO, Social Media, SaaS, Social Media Management, Analytics, Big Data, News

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How do you find the most engaging content in the world right now?

NewsWhip believe the answer lies in asking the crowd - specifically, two billion active users of social networks Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. Every minute NewsWhip figures out which news stories are getting the most human engagement to surface the world's most interesting news, in real time, in over 12 languages and tens of thousands of niches. NewsWhip provides an online dashboard, called Spike, which is used by thousands of journalists, PR professionals, and social media managers. It shows exactly what news is driving clicks and shares in tens of thousands of topics - from US politics, to regions, to niche interests like defense spending or biotech research.

Clients include journalists at BuzzFeed, editors at The Huffington Post, audience analytics experts at the BBC, writers at Think Progress, social media editors at NBC, and PR consultants at Edelman. Spike is also used by many freelancers and small PR firms. Spike users claim to find viral content "hours or even days" before it breaks on mainstream news sites.

Separately, Spike’s “1 hour trending” window, which shows the levels of social interaction around all newly published content, was tested by the Irish Center for High End Computing (ICHEC), who discovered that it predicts 79% of major viral news stories.

Newswhip offers two separate API’s. GET provides real time trends in data from the last 24 hours, including trends from within the last hour, while POST provides users with aggregate data, statistics and social numbers for all content they have tracked since January 1st 2014, which amounts to millions of stories. Data can be filtered across country, city, time and topic, allowing users of either or both API’s to view and analyse the information in any number of ways.

In September of this year, the company launched Newswhip Insights. This new platform leverages NewsWhip’s huge social dataset to give publishers a deeper understanding of how news is distributed, shared and consumed by users.

Newswhip’s consumer apps for Android and iOs give users access to the stories that are being shared across Facebook and Twitter in real time. The apps allow users to filter content by a range of topics including politics, sports, movies and music, as well as by country and region, for example Ireland, the United States, Europe and Australia.

Paul Quigley and Andrew Mullaney co-founded NewsWhip in Dublin in 2011, with a plan to leverage social data to identify the best content on the web in real time. The team won a place on the NDRC Launchpad Accelerator program in September 2011, and launched an early version of NewsWhip, earning coverage from the BBC, The Next Web, Mashable and many other outlets.

In 2012, the company attracted angel investment from the NDRC, New York-based entrepreneur and investor Shane Naughton and UK-based Meridian Growth Capital. That year, the company unveiled an early version of its Spike platform for newsrooms. The tool gathered positive reviews from sites including The Next Web, The World Association of Newspapers, and Journalism.co.uk, and soon had hundreds of active users. In July 2013, NewsWhip's coverage was extended to several new language markets - Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

In September 2013, the Company announced a seed investment of $1.1 million. This funding went directly into the development of Newswhip’s products, with major updates to Spike, and the rolling out of the new Insights platform.

Awareness of NewsWhip built substantially over 2014, as dozens of media companies adopted its technology. Its monthly ranking of the most shared publishers has earned coverage on BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, the BBC, Vox and other outlets. 2014 has also seen Swedish, Italian, Middle Eastern and Latin American content go live on Spike.

In 2015 NewsWhip will be substantially growing its New York team, and building new dimensions into its technology to allow users to easily identify the most important writers, publications, influencers, and keywords around any topic in the world.

Newswhip’s European HQ is at 23 South William Street, Dublin 2. The US office is at NeueHouse, 110 East 25th Street, New York, NY 10010.

Funding Rounds (4) - $2.7M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
May, 2015$1.6M / Venture16
Sep, 2013$1.1M / Seed6
Jul, 2012undisclosed amount / Angel2
Sep, 2011undisclosed amount / Seed1

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  • Main Office

    Dog Patch Labs , 35 Barrow Street

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