Montréal, QC
My Virtual Model provides visualization and identity solutions in the fashion and home decor industry.
E-Commerce, Personalization, Shopping, 3D Technology

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My Virtual Model provides visualization and identity solutions in the fashion and home decor industry for mass personalization of the shopping experience.

Two flagship technologies—My Virtual Model™ Dressing Room and My Fit—enable consumers to "try on" clothes on the Internet.

MVM has just developed a revolutionary Quick 3D technology that allows creation of 3D Garment in less then 2 minutes by retailers or even end-users.

These 3D garments are used in MVM’s shopping widgets to: · Try on garments on a personalized and photorealistic model on a portal, an eCommerce site, in store and even Mobile Web. · See the fit, provide recommendations and facilitate the purchase process. · Enable social commerce by sharing a look between friends within communities and social networks.

For merchants, deploying My Virtual Model technology improves bottom-line profitability by increasing revenues up to 200% while cutting costs. Shoppers using My Virtual Model solutions spend more, buy more and return far fewer items—resulting directly in reduced shipping and handling costs.

My Virtual Model Inc. was co-founded by Louise Guay, Ph.D., and Jean-François St-Arnaud. The first release of My Virtual Model in 1997 was a major breakthrough in the online apparel shopping market.

The company has many clients in the retail trade, fashion and beauty industries, such as Sears, H&M, Adidas, Speedo, Levi Strauss & Co., and is associated with portals, fashion magazines and social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, iVillage.com and gURL.

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  • Head Office

    80 Queen street

    Suite 502, Quebec

    Montréal, QC H3C 2N5


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