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Total Funding Amount $500K
CB Rank (Company) 95,240
Mozaik Media
Mozaik Media houses a platform that allows users to launch their own online learning destination.
Categories  Education, GreenTech, Mobile, Skill AssessmentHeadquarters Regions  Asia-Pacific (APAC), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Southeast AsiaFounded Date 2011Founders  Beryl JacobsonOperating Status ClosedClosed Date 2014Funding Status SeedLast Funding Type SeedNumber of Employees 11-50
IPO Status PrivateCompany Type For Profit

"Mozaik Learning" is a platform for any organization to quickly and easily launch their own online learning destination. Mozaik’s unique system of content delivery specializes in unbundling content that is locked up in books, videos and websites delivering it to learners based on their knowledge profile. Mozaik evolves into a super-marketplace facilitating buying and selling of targeted, curated, educational content.

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Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds 1
Total Funding Amount $500K
Mozaik Media has raised a total of $500K in funding over 1 round. This was a Seed round raised on Apr 8, 2012.
Announced Date  
Transaction Name  
Number of Investors  
Money Raised  
Lead Investors  
Apr 8, 2012
Seed Round - Mozaik Media


Number of Investors 4
Mozaik Media is funded by 4 investors. Ben Macrory and Neel Duncan are the most recent investors.

Website Tech Stack by BuiltWith

Mozaik Media is actively using 9 technologies for its website. These include Viewport MetaIPhone / Mobile Compatible, and Apache.

Current Team

Number of Current Team Members 2
Mozaik Media has 2 current team members, including Chief Technology Officer Dheeraj Koneru.
Dheeraj Koneru
Chief Technology Officer
Beryl Jacobson
Founder, CEO

Board Members and Advisors

Number of Board Members / Advisors 2
Mozaik Media has 2 board members and advisors, including John Hardy.
John Hardy
Alan Wagstaff

Recent News & Activity

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