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Watch how your website visitors actually use your website, in real-time replays to help you optimize and improve your website or blog. Its just like sitting next to your site visitors, watching every action as they navigate through your website.

No more guessing why your site visits aren't converting into sales, or why your blog readers are not engaging. Find out exactly how people use your sites by adding 1 simple line of code to your HTML.

  • Watch replays showing exactly what your website visitors are doing.

  • See every click, mouse movement, page scroll actions and how they move through your website.

  • Optimize your site, blog, landing pages and checkout process.

  • Easy to use, just add 1 line of HTML to your website.

  • Instant reports - no waiting for the information.

  • Also records visits from iPhone users, including replaying pinch-and-zoom and orientation change actions.

MouseTrace also keeps a full record of the page as seen by every visitor... so if your page content regularly changes or you show custom content to different types of users - you will also be able to see the page exactly as the visitor did, at the time of their visit.

The iPhone is one of the fatest growing devices being used to access websites and blogs. Your website may not work very well on an iPhone or be difficult to navigate, find out by using our unique iPhone recording technology.

For iPhone users we record every activity including:

  • Page scrolls

  • Page Zooms - The visitor enlarging or decreasing the size of your web pages

  • Gestures - The visitor clicking or pressing one or more fingers onto areas of your website

  • Device Rotation - The visitor rotating their iPhone to alter how your website looks

Time is crucial when it comes to optimizing your website or blog, so we give you instant access to your visitor reports. No waiting around, as soon as someone visitors your website you will be able to start watching how they navigate and use your site!

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Competitors (2)

  • ClickTale is a customer experience analytics platform enabling e-businesses to have an insight into their clients’ online behavior.
  • Crazy Egg allows website owners to create tests to figure out what users are doing on their site.

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  • HQ

    1st Floor

    7 The Jamb

    Corby, Nottinghamshire NN17 1AY

    United Kingdom

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