MolarGeek is a social media platform facilitating students, residents and doctors to collaborate in dentistry.
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Faster Information. More Collaboration. Greater Patient Care.

Today, dentists worldwide are asking themselves how they can use social media to promote their dental services – and it’s a fair question, you have to ask it if your competitor down the street is utilizing social media to promote his or her practice. Yet you have to understand as a dentist that a word of mouth referral still trumps a “checked in” on Facebook, or a follower on Twitter.

So instead of asking how we can use social media to personally serve our dental practices, at MolarGeek we ask why can’t we use social media to drive innovation in the field of dentistry? How can we use social media to improve patient care and possibly even access to dental care? With a social media website designed specifically for dentists that promotes a multi-disciplinary approach that drives faster information exchange encouraging more collaboration amongst general and specialized dentists.

MolarGeek will deliver a social platform to dentists that will foster this type of collaboration, along with offering our colleagues numerous resources to aid in professional growth. Ultimately, if dentists are constructing treatment plans with better and unbiased information, then the people who stand to benefit the most are our patients.

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