Champaign, IL
Miss Possible is a start-up toy company using dolls and apps to empower girls to dream big and achieve.

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Miss Possible is a start-up toy company using dolls and apps to empower girls to dream big and achieve. Mission Miss Possible strives to inspire girls to dream big and give them the tools to achieve.

The underrepresentation of women in youth-oriented media limits the opportunities that girls perceive to be available as they grow up. This is a problem; it's time for a change.

We want to catalyze the change in the toy and game industry. We want to empower girls worldwide.

At Miss Possible, Inc., we empower and inspire girls to make a global impact. We challenge girls' actual and virtual imagination through our collection of dolls and apps. We give them real, powerful role models, and engage them in fun activities that build valuable skills.

Miss Possible dolls are no ordinary dolls.

Our dolls are "little girl" versions of historical and modern influential women from all walks of life and all career backgrounds: the engineer and writer, the doctor and artist, the astronaut and activist.

And the app goes further, to bring this woman to life.

Our app tells the story of the woman, letting girls see how she achieved her amazing accomplishments. It goes further, though, and helps girls achieve themselves. Marie Curie leads girls through chemistry and physics activities, Bessie Coleman teaches them about flight, and Rosalind Franklin shows them biology, all with materials in their own homes! We let girls learn by doing, and build real skills that will help them succeed.

Together, our products inspire and empower the girls of tomorrow. General Information Founded by students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Miss Possible, Inc. is currently in seed stage. We are seeking support and connections that will help manifest our dream.

Join our mission. Join our cause. Join our purpose.

Work with us to build a positive future for our young girls--empowering girls worldwide, one doll at a time.

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