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mflow (http://www.mflow.com) enables and rewards discovery of music via other people … But it does not stop there

mflow users (among other things) can: - Listen to tracks recommended by other users in full - Recommend and share their favourite tunes with friends wherever they are – social networks, Twitter or email - Initiate or contribute to multi-user collaborative playlists - Follow their favourite recommenders or multi-user playlists - Buy music with one click to get highest quality MP3s available

... And when you buy, mflow will give 20% of the purchase price to the recommender of the track as a thank you.

mflow is legal social music service with a catalogue in excess of 5M+ tracks, that is funded by digital music sales rather than advertising; this allows us to provide an uninterrupted and fun listening experience. mflow does not require an installation and works on any platform or device that supports HTML5 (or flash if HTML5 is not available) including iPad or even iPhone. mflow also has a downloadable application developed in C++) that further improves playback and integration with iTunes.

mflow's mission is to create a service that rewards musicians for their labours, has a sustainable business model and most importantly is desired by consumers.

mflow is a UK-based start-up of 20 people with offices located in West London.

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  • 7digital is a leading digital music platform that creates and powers comprehensive white label music and radio services.
  • Grooveshark is a free web-based music application that enables internet users listen to music on-demand.
  • Spotify is a commercial music streaming service that provides restricted digital content from a range of record labels and artists.

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  • mflow London

    Office 1.29, The Lightbox

    111 Power Road

    London, England W4 5PY

    United Kingdom

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