Total Equity Funding
$200k in 1 Round from 2 Investors
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$200k Seed on January 15, 2008
Palo Alto, California
MarketRiders is an online service enabling anyone to join an exchange traded fund.
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MarketRiders, Inc. is an easy-to use online service that allows anyone to join the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) revolution using strategies previously only available to elite investors and large endowments like Yale and Harvard. For $14.95 per month and 30 minutes each quarter, anyone can build and manage their own ETF portfolio and grow their money like the world's smartest investors.

Traditional wisdom suggests that being successful in the stock market is about picking the right stocks or hiring the right financial advisor to manage one's money. Study after study proves, though, that it's not possible to "beat the market" with any consistency, and that the most successful investors ride the market by allocating their assets across broad sections of the market and re-balancing when their asset allocations get out of whack.

While mutual funds purport to do this sort of thing, they typically charge investors 2% or more off the top, whether they're making money or not, and have tax implications that are often unfriendly to investors. Over time, these taxes and fees can erode 30-50% of an average portfolio!

MarketRiders allows investors to take control of their own money in a three step process as follows:

  1. User inputs data points such as age and risk tolerance, and based on those factors, MarketRiders suggests a portfolio based on ETFs (low-fee index funds typically associated with buckets of stocks or commodities). User can customize the portfolio or copy a successful portfolio from another MarketRiders user.

  2. MarketRiders sends user a lists of trades to make at his or her online broker. Once user confirms purchases and prices, MarketRiders begins monitoring user's account for necessary changes based on rules and alerts that user can configure.

  3. MarketRiders watches each user portfolio and alerts user when he or she needs to make changes. If for example, a user wants to maintain 10% in coal, and coal makes a run such that 15% of the user's portfolio is now in coal, MarketRiders suggests the necessary trades to bring the portfolio back to the desired asset allocation.

Funding Rounds (1) - $200k

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Jan, 2008$200k / Seed2

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