Living PlanIT SA is a software development and data analysis company that developed the first Urban Operating System.
Software, Electronics, Sustainability, Construction, Internet of Things

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Living PlanIT is a software company recognized globally for its leading research, and development of technologies synonymous with the industrialization of the Internet.


To be relentless in our pursuit for the development, integration and implementation of technology that improves quality of life for all while contributing to the long term viability of civilization and our planet.

Company Overview

Living PlanIT is a privately held software company headquartered in Switzerland recognized globally for its leading research, and development of technologies synonymous with the industrialization of the Internet.

The company was the recipient of the 2009 World Investment Conference Best Investment in Europe Award, the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer Award in 2012, the UKTI Business Internationalization Award in 2012, and the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Leadership Award for its PlanIT OS:tm: and PlanIT Urban Operating System:tm: and their application to the development of smart city projects around the world - PlanIT Valley, its research platform and Project of National Interest in Portugal, RAPTOR, a research project with the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board in Greenwich, deployment of PlanIT UOS:tm: in London City Airport improving passenger experiences and operations, and Convida, the first of a new generation of smart communities in Brazil, just to name a few.


Living PlanIT is the developer of the PlanIT OS:tm: and PlanIT Urban Operating System:tm:, the standards based middleware products that provide real time sensing, control, spatial analytics, data integration, security, support and provisioning of ubiquitous context-relevant applications for the Internet of Things.

The PlanIT OS:tm: provides the infrastructure for solutions across a broad range of vertical markets from manufacturing through mining exploration.

The PlanIT Urban Operating System:tm: is the implementation of the PlanIT OS:tm: for smart city and urban development vertical markets.

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    Suite 1802, L18 109 Pitt Street

    Sydney, 2000


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    Living PlanIT SA

    21 Ruelle des Moulins

    Nyon, 1260


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