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Leaguescape.com is a fun and safe place to play fantasy sports with people from around the world, for real or play money. Leaguescape realizes there are plenty of places you can play fantasy sports, but Leaguescape is the one place where you can truly play how you want! Commissioners control their own destiny to win their leagues and the cash, and Leaguescape has put together a dedicated service team along with some unique features to keep you playing at our site.

Leaguescape is located in state of Colorado. We abide by the laws and regulations where we do business.

Leaguescape is not an online casino. Unlike online casinos, you never play against the house at Leaguescape; you always play against other real fantasy sports general managers from around the world. Leaguescape receives compensation for hosting your fantasy sport leagues for real money.

There is absolutely no charge to participate in our play money fantasy sport games. In fact, we encourage you to try our play money games before you play any of our real money games if you are new to fantasy sports.

We are proud to offer many different variants of fantasy sport games. Leaguescape gives users the capability to create leagues exactly how they want and compete in those leagues for real cash. Only play the way you want, giving you the best chance to win real money!

If you have any questions about Leaguescape, contact [email protected]

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