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LaCie combines design and technology to create storage devices that are both beautiful and performance-driven
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At LaCie, they combine design and technology to result in products that are both beautiful and performance-driven. They work hard to make your digital life better.

They want you to feel confident when you use LaCie’s products. It’s easy to replace a keyboard, processor, or printer—but not your data. Your life is on your hard drive; you need to be able to back up to a second place easily, and feel like you’ve made the best choice for your data’s safety and security. LaCie offers you this choice through its products and their new service Wuala.

To better understand and serve the needs of their customers, they do not outsource their professional product line support or their repairs center. They are proud of their two main manufacturing sites in Oregon and France. They have offices in 15 different countries, and about a third of their worldwide staff of approximately 460 employees belong to their technical teams. It is an excellent way to stay connected.

They began creating and collaborating with world-famous designers in 1992. From Ziba Design to Porsche Design GmbH, Karim Rashid, Ora-Ito, and Philippe Starck, they have a long tradition of expecting the best from their designers. With their hard drives, you’re not just getting a storage solution—you’re buying a piece of art. For the past 12 years, they have had a close partnership with a fantastic Scottish designer, Neil Poulton, who designs many of their products, including their award-winning bullet-proof d2 line.They believe that working with these designers is the best way to bring you cutting-edge products.

They trust their in-house engineering team’s expertise for the best electronics and software design. Over the past 10 years, they have consistently been first-to-market with such innovations as the first USB/FireWire board, SCSI drive, USB bus-powered hard drive, SATA external drive, FireWire 800 hard drive and 1TB hard drive. In the past year, they have doubled the size of their research lab and marketing experts to maintain industry leadership, while still creating user-friendly solutions.

Their customers consistently tell us that they have the most loyal and honest sales team in the technology industry. LaCie’s salespeople focus on learning and communicating new technologies and keeping their products as competitive as possible.

The last secret ingredient of LaCie’s success is that they run a very aggressive organization. Their financial team and IT department keep their information accurate and updated. Their procurement team can move products much faster than anyone else. This “finance IS logistics” organizational method gives us a chance to sell the most in-demand products at the lowest cost without compromising on quality or service.

Recognizing the current trends, LaCie will continue to develop network- and multimedia-centric products, while still creating everything from massive multi-terabyte systems to miniscule USB keys.

I love running a company like LaCie, and I love their products and their people. If you really appreciate the way they work, maybe there’s a place for you on their team. Their Human Resources department is always interested in meeting like-minded individuals.

They believe in design and technology. They believe in people and relationships.

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  • France

    33, boulevard du Général Martial Valin

    Paris, 75015


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