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Washington, District of Columbia
KikScore is a provider of online trust seals enabling businesses to demonstrate trust through data analysis and information transparency.
E-Commerce, Small and Medium Businesses

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KikScore is a reputational seal for online merchants and service providers. This service evaluates the websites and reputations of these businesses based on various information that shoppers use when deciding the trustworthiness of online sources. KikScore takes this information and compiles it into a trust score ranging between 0 (high likelihood of a bad shopping experience with this small business) and 1,000 (high likelihood of a good shopping experience with this small business). Businesses can then display the KikScore confidence badge on their websites, allowing potential customers to access a report card which provides important reputational information about them. It is especially helpful for small businesses that are found through local search via search engines. This information includes: Customer feedback; Shopping security; Policies; Certifications; Management; and more. KikScore's mission is about empowering small businesses of every kind to use information and data about themselves that is scattered around the internet so they can sell more and close more leads. KikScore offers a dynamic trust score and merchant report card that small businesses put on their website to clearly demonstrate to shoppers and potential leads that they are trustworthy and reliable. This helps small businesses cut shopping cart abandonment rates and increase their sales and service providers like accountants, lawyers, contractors and plumbers close more leads.

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