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K&A is continuing its development of an innovative wireless spectrum intelligence technology in support of next-generation Internet of Things/Everything (IoT-IoE) applications. This will improve spectrum utilization and surety of data in the presence of many other connected users and devices. Market focus is IoT-IoE pollution mitigation in the transportation and smart city segments. McKinsey estimates smart city IoT will have an economic impact of $0.9T to $1.7T (trillion) by 2025.

Utilization of spectrum intelligence as part of the IoT-IoE infrastructure improves not only the performance and reliability of the entire system, but also creates a new Natural EcoSystem™ that is unattainable without it. The combined efforts will identify polluting vehicles, create new revenue streams, support regulations and improved driver behavior, provide operational efficiencies, contribute to cleaner air and lower healthcare costs, and enable a better quality of life.

K&A’s commercialization partner is SensorComm Technologies, Inc. who is mass-customizing a state-of-the-art NOx emission sensor. SensorComm has engaged K&A to develop the wireless IoT-IoE infrastructure for the NOx sensor, which focuses on smart monitoring of NOx emissions from the exhaust pipe of a vehicle as part of an air quality monitoring system. Active pilot programs are in place in the U.S. with additional pilots being implemented globally.

K&A provided foundational IoT/IoE development. Sensor development was originally funded through DoE grants (including SBIR) to, and licensed from, both The University of Florida and The Ohio State University. The SensorComm and K&A team have a combined patent portfolio of eight (8) issued patents (worldwide), two (2) applications and two (2) provisional patents filed, including one related to creating incentive structures for pollution mitigation.

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