Wayne, PA
Invitastic hails itself as a tiny website for inviting friends and family (and even enemies and strangers) to events.
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Invitastic hails itself as a "tiny website for inviting friends and family (and even enemies and strangers) to events." While the "About" page lists the capabilities that Invitastic does not have, ("There are lots of things you can't do here...create a social network, plan party activities, split the tab for the event, figure out carpool arrangements, find recipes for Mai Tais, and more. There are pretty much a limitless number of things that Invitastic doesn't do") the site provides a simple way to send out a mass invitation to users, and also to record their RSVPs, for free.

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  • Celebrations.com is a platform that facilitates party hosting by providing online invitations, e-cards, party ideas, and planning tips.
  • Crusher is a company made up of designer developers focusing on events publishing invitation services.
  • Enclude is an online invitation and eCard web site that features photo hosting and video sharing capabilities.
  • Evite, an online personal party planning service, offers tools for planning recipes and a wine-pairing chart, the process and themes.
  • Madeit.com is a full service infrastructure as a Service Provider. Offers Cloud and Virtual Hosting Services.
  • Playnypus is a social site for event planning.
  • Punchbowl is a web-based software platform that offers party planning services, customized digital invitations, and greeting cards.
  • Renkoo is an app developer for social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

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    701 Lee Road

    Suite 300

    Wayne, PA 19087


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