Acquired by on September 23, 2008
Total Equity Funding
$515k in 2 Rounds from 3 Investors
Boulder, Colorado
Intense Debate allows blog owners to track and moderate comments from one place using threading, comment analytics, and aggregation.
Blogging Platforms, Reputation, Finance, FinTech

Company Details


Intense Debate is a blog commenting system that supports Typepad, Blogger and Wordpress blogs. The system allows blog owners to track and moderate comments from one place with features like threading, comment analytics, user reputation and comment aggregation.

Intense Debate offers blog readers a powerful networking system to establish reputations, link their profiles, make friends and syndicate their comments. It will create a "mini-blogging platform" that will hold commenters responsible for their comments across various blogs. I'm sure the service will help jumpstart a couple superstar commenter careers.

The company is currently in private beta mode. It is also an incubating startup for TechStars. Competitors include CoComment, JS-Kit, SezWho and Tangler.

Funding Rounds (2) - $515k

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Oct, 2007$500k / Angel3
Aug, 2007$15k / Seed1

Investors (3)

Competitors (7)

  • Disqus is a blog comment hosting service offering a platform for social integration, social networking, user profiles, analytics and more.
  • Echo provides the widest range of highly customizable engagement products used by the biggest brands & media companies in the world.
  • Livefyre helps companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time content, conversation and social curation.
  • Muut is a discussion platform providing a clean user interface, persistent content and deep integration to websites.
  • SezWho is a distributed context, rating, and reputation system for social media sites such as blogs, forums, wikis and discussion boards.
  • UberVU offers an insights-driven dashboard for customers to observe key conversations, connect with customers, and report their success.
  • Viafoura empowers over 600 media brands to engage, discover, and grow their audience.

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    Boulder, Colorado

    United States

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