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iLiftOFF, a recruitment testing engine, helps job seekers take tests to prove skills and employers select employees.
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A recruitment testing engine where Job seekers take tests to prove skills and using test scores employers select employees faster.

iLiftOFF.com provides employers an effective tool to recruit employees using the power of online tests.

Iliftoff has different types of tests which serve different purp

1.Generic iLiftOFF tests: On iLiftOFF we have created tests currently spanning 4 sectors such as Programming, Finance, Law and Logic which jobseekers can give. Each sector has various skill tests under it such as Banking and Insurance under the Finance sector. While searching for employees employers can combine the test scores of jobseekers in different areas and shortlist the right list of job seekers. For instance a company searching for Insurance professionals could look for job seekers who are in the top 80 percentile for theInsurance test and top 60 percentile for logic.

2.Company Custom Tests: Employers can also customize and create tests with questions specific to them for specific positions in the company. Our expert content team can also make the questions for the companies custom test or the company can provide us their own questions.

3.Proctored Tests given via tablets:Here the employer can have the employee come to their office to give the tests. Here either on a tablet (we are currently developing apps for the iPad and Android) or a computer the job seeker can give a company's test. We feel tablet based testing has a huge potential as it allows companies to test their candidates in a proctored environment where they cannot access outside help.

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