HuzuTech is a social gaming studio and social gaming platform development company.
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Established in 2010, HuzuTech is a social gaming studio and social gaming platform development company. Our focus is the development of leading technology to support branded social networks and virtual worlds, whilst working directly with IP owners, brands, and publishers which need a virtual world and social game solution.

We have over 15 members of staff – mainly game developers, environment designers and producers – with locations in both Glasgow and London. Each member of the team is an expert in their field, including concept development, visual design and illustration, animation, IT and infrastructure, and the social web.

Our team's skillset allows us to offer unique opportunities for IP and brand owners, such as providing a low cost of entry into social worlds; the removal of complex technical barriers normally associated with immersive gaming; and the ability to help companies exploit the latest technology to make the most of their existing investments, and truly develop new revenue streams from the growing virtual economy.

We have used our expertise to develop an advanced social gaming framework that allows for the production of deeply immersive virtual worlds to help organisations enter the social gaming and virtual world space at a fraction of the cost of developing an environment from scratch.

Because we have developed the platform in-house our team of experts are always on hand to ensure that your social game or virtual world is of a superior quality and can be developed along the exact lines required by business needs.

Current Team (12)


Products (1)

  • They help digital media owners create distinctive games to their exact requirements without the overhead of expensive technical

Competitors (2)

  • KickApps is a social publishing platform for creating social networks with added features, video players and widgets.
  • Reality Digital is a white-label social networking platform that enables media sites to create their own user-generated stickiness.

Offices/Locations (2)

  • UK Office Huzu HQ

    The Lighthouse

    70 Mitchell Street

    Glasgow, G1 3LX


  • Huzu Partnerships Office

    9th Floor

    33 Cavendish Square

    London, W1G 0TT


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