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Went Public on Apr 1, 2011 / OTCMKTS:PHOT
Total Equity Funding
$33.99M in 9 Rounds
Seattle, WA
GrowLife is a cultivation facilities service provider.
Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Hydroponics, Farming, Manufacturing

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GrowLife, Inc. is a nationally recognized cultivation brand, providing world-class hydroponic equipment, lighting, nutrients, media, and other cultivation supplies to commercial and urban operations. With a complete selection of cultivation products combined with logistics and distribution services, GrowLife can help responsible cultivation operations efficiently control supply costs, manage build-out investments, track supply usage and streamline workflows.

GrowLife's knowledgeable sales representatives, five retail stores and e-commerce unit has already serviced more than a million square feet of crops including the operations of several award-winning cultivators. With GrowLife, responsible cultivators have the right tools and services to maximize the yield of high-quality crops for medicinal use, and further minimize the environmental impact of their operations.

GrowLife's mission is to deliver top quality supplies and services with the knowledge and excellence to help their customers cultivate success. They provide their customers with convenient access to the best products and services they need through local retail outlets, E-Commerce and direct-services channels.

GrowLife is poised to catapult the industry to the next level, and beyond thanks to a strong leadership team and strategic partners who share their penchant for excellence. They firmly believe that to grow their company, they need to grow their industry. So they’re working with growers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, processors and a plethora of others to drive value through every facet of the business.

Funding Rounds (16) - $207.72M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Jul, 2016$2.83M / Post Ipo Equity0
Oct, 2015$1.5M / Post Ipo Equity0
Aug, 2015$100k / Post Ipo Equity0
Jul, 2015$900k / Post Ipo Equity0
Jun, 2015$171k / Venture0
Jan, 2015$68k / Venture0
Sep, 2014$400k / Venture0
Jul, 2014$480k / Venture0
Jun, 2014$12.14M / Venture0
Jun, 2014$516.01k / Convertible Note0
Jan, 2014$1M / Debt Financing0
May, 2012$19.21M / Venture0
Apr, 2012$1.17M / Debt Financing0
Jun, 2011$500k / Venture0
Mar, 2011$166.23M / Post Ipo Equity0
Jan, 2011$503.5k / Venture0

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  • Headquarters

    500 Union Street

    Suite 406

    Seattle, WA 98101


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