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Our Mission To make the job search easier by bringing job seekers, recruiters, and employers together, without barriers.

Greeting.me is more than a job board Greeting.me is more than your basic job board. Job boards are made up of a listing of job postings. The job postings are either created internally on the job board and/or aggregated from job websites across the internet.

At Greeting.me, we don't do the whole job posting thing. We actually find the word board quite boring. We believe simply, in the power of the network. We give you the ability to tap into the network to engage in real conversations with real people.

Greeting.me is gives you Access Imagine that you get laid off, fired, or you finish college with thousands of dollars in debt. If you are like most job seekers then you probably don't have a huge network of powerful contacts to tap into. This a common reality for thousands of Americans every year.

This is where Greeting.me steps in. Greeting.me gives you the access to a hiring network that you do not have, but need. This access gives you the power to network with the right people so you can jump-start your career faster than ever before.

Greeting.me is a match making service. Greeting.me offers some of the most advanced career filters in the world. Job seekers can find hiring managers with precision. Greeting.me gives job seekers the ability to find recruiters who focus on specific schools, industries, careers levels, and more.

Hiring managers can also find job seekers using the same type of filters, plus many more. This saves recruiters time and money in candidate sourcing.

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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