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Gravity Bear is a social games company blending online social platforms with the latest in modern game design.

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Gravity Bear is a new breed of social games company formed in 2008 with the goal of blending the best in online social platforms with the latest in modern game design. Led by company co-founder and gaming industry veteran Phil Shenk, the crew at Gravity Bear delivers gaming experiences built on a sturdy foundation of creativity, fun and skillet-fresh design supported by cutting-edge technology.

It started with a small-scale dream laced with epic ambition. After years of working on high-profile games with super-sized teams and 4+ year development cycles, Phil decided it was time for change. He missed the feeling of making games “back in the day” when it was all about creativity, fun, fast iteration, fun and innovation. But mostly fun! To recapture that spirit he set off to build a group of like-minded individuals. It wasn’t long before he had assembled a talented team of game veterans and Gravity Bear was up and running.

Gravity Bear enhances existing social platforms where players of every make and model can connect to one another through games. And not just any games, but games that focus on what truly matters – unabashed fun for all. Back to the basics and into the future, the Gravity Bear team is dedicated to raising the bar and applying the latest technology to create the next generation of socially connected interactive experiences.

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