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Mountain View, CA
Finance, Venture Capital
Google Capital is the growth capital fund financed by Google, founded in 2013. It invests for profit in growth stage technology companies.

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Venture Capital that does Later Stage Venture and Private Equity Investments
Big Data, Fintech, Security, Vertical Market Software

Google Capital is the late-stage growth capital fund financed by Google, and based in Mountain View, CA. Founded in 2013, it focuses on larger, growth stage technology companies, and invests for profit rather than strategically for Google. In addition to capital investment, Google Capital’s approach includes giving portfolio companies access to Google’s people, knowledge, and culture to support the companies’ growth and offer them guidance. This includes connecting them with a roster of advisors, such as David Drummond (Google’s SVP of Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer) and Sundar Pichai (Google’s SVP of Product).

Google Capital was started by partner David Lawee, formerly Google’s Vice President of Corporate Development, and before that, Google’s first Vice President of Marketing. Lawee was joined by partners Gene Frantz (formerly a partner at private equity firm TPG), Laela Sturdy (former Director of Sales & Business Operations at Google) and Gretchen Howard (former Managing Director in Sales & Business Operations at Google.)

Google Capital also comprises over 30 advisors from senior positions within Google, who offer portfolio companies guidance in business areas such as data science, engineering, marketing, and product management.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Sep, 2016$555.46M / Private Equity (Lead)
Aug, 2016$50M / Venture
Aug, 2016$80.8M / Series C (Lead)
Jun, 2016$40M / Series H
Mar, 2016undisclosed amount / Series C (Lead)
Mar, 2016undisclosed amount / Series C (Lead)
Feb, 2016$400M / Private Equity
Dec, 2015$75M / Series B
Sep, 2015$125M / Series E
Sep, 2015$25M / Series D
Sep, 2015$110M / Series D
Sep, 2015$32.5M / Venture (Lead)
Aug, 2015$90M / Series C
Aug, 2015$85M / Series D
Jul, 2015$100M / Series C (Lead)
Jul, 2015$275M / Series E
Jun, 2015$45M / Series D (Lead)
Apr, 2015$50M / Series E
Apr, 2015$60M / Series B (Lead)
Jan, 2015$15M / Series F (Lead)
Jan, 2015$70M / Series F (Lead)
Dec, 2014$250M / Private Equity
Sep, 2014$75M / Series C
Sep, 2014$38M / Series C (Lead)
Aug, 2014$100M / Series D (Lead)
Jun, 2014$80M / Series D (Lead)
Jun, 2014$31M / Series D
Mar, 2014$85M / Series C (Lead)
Mar, 2014$50M / Venture (Lead)
Feb, 2014$40M / Private Equity (Lead)
May, 2013$125M / Private Equity
Jan, 2013$444M / Private Equity

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