San Mateo, California
GoAnimate provides cloud-based drag-and-drop tools that enable people to create customized videos.
Education, Content Marketing, SaaS, Advertising, Cloud Computing, Animation, Software, Corporate Training, Video, Language Learning

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Making a video used to be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Not anymore! GoAnimate is a cloud-based, animated video creation platform.

Videos can and should be everywhere, and are quickly becoming the most prominent form of digital communication internationally. Businesses use videos to train employees, market products and services, and explain complex topics. Educators and students use videos to inspire critical thinking and creativity in the classroom.

Video creation in GoAnimate is controlled through a simple, drag & drop interface. Features like templates, characters, complex actions, backgrounds, props, and automatic lip-synced dialogue allow you to produce a professional video in minutes. Choose between brightly-colored 2D animation, hand-drawn whiteboard animation, or video infographics, which allow you to create engaging animated charts and graphs.

Jump-start effective video creation immediately with hundreds of pre-designed template scenes that have everything you need to hit the ground running as a video creator. You can also build your own scene designs from scratch to create the perfect, unique setting for your video.

GoAnimate has a vast library of animated stock characters to choose from, covering a wide range of activities, industries, and occupations. Select a stock character or customize your own to match brand guidelines, or to look just like you (or your boss!). Give your characters a voice in your videos and they’ll speak the dialogue for you.

Using video removes barriers between people and is a more efficient way to communicate. Whatever your use may be, GoAnimate allows you to create videos easily and affordably.

Making a video shouldn’t be a drag. It should be drag & drop.

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