Allen, TX
Galixsys Networks' software solutions have been designed with these constraints in mind, and can be optimized for any specific end equipment

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Galixsys Networks is an early- stage start- up focusing on core R/D in software technologies for the embedded information technology market. We believe the existing PC-centric software models being pushed into these devices are not adequately taking into account on how embedded devices (smart pumps and engines, thermostats, meters, for example) make use of their networked functionality. Our research and software development activities are geared towards maximizing the networked potential of these devices.

Specifically for M2M networks and their use for smart grid - The Andromeda Embedded Services Framework allows, over standard HTTP, the devices themselves to be able to push data and control commands onto the network, as opposed to having data only be pulled if an embedded web server only is used. By having this push capability, the device requires less (or even none in some cases) host control, which allows for greater automation, less bandwidth usage and more security over an embedded web server only solution.

For additional information please visit our web site at http://www.galixsysnetworks.com. Thank you!

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  • Main Office

    1144 Philip Dr.

    Allen, TX 75013


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