Acquired by on December 14, 2011
San Francisco, California
Focal Labs provides a platform for its users to create location-based group photo-sharing albums via smartphones.
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Focal Labs, the team behind Clixtr, PicBounce and Po.st was acquired by RadiumOne in October 2011.

Focal Labs has been focused on turning your smartphone into a smartcamera since the launch of the Apple App Store! Its innovative products include Clixtr and PicBounce which are available in the App Store. It received seed funding from DFJ in Menlo Park and launched its first product, Clixtr at TechCrunch50.

Clixtr provides a (patent-pending) platform for our users to create group photo-sharing albums which are geo-tagged. Clixtr gives users the ability to share their photos via the Clixtr mobile app in real time with friends and family as well as allow users to watch events unfold from nearby and around the world. Additionally, users can upload content through the Clixtr website or watch event photo streams. Clixtr received the Emerging Technology award for Social Networking from the Silicon Valley Business Journal and won the Mobile Apps Showdown at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Picbounce, launched in 2010, is a response to the market’s need for a new generation of light-weight photo apps and a shift of the company focus towards faster, simpler products. Picbounce is the easiest and fastest way to upload a photo from your iPhone to Facebook or Twitter. An instant success, PicBounce has been downloaded more than a million times and makes it easy daily for people around the world to share photos with all their friends.

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  • Clixtr turns smart phones into smart cameras by leveraging location based technologies and the rapidly improving quality of camera phones.
  • PicBounce is the easiest and fastest way to add filters to a photo and upload it from an iPhone to Facebook or Twitter.

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    55 2nd St

    18th Floor

    San Francisco, California 94105

    United States

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