539 Investments in 285 Companies
4 IPOs & 79 Acquisitions
San Francisco, California
Funds Raised:
First Round is a venture capital firm that specializes in providing seed-stage funding to technology companies.

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First Round is a seed-stage venture firm focused on building a vibrant community of technology entrepreneurs and companies, including Uber, Square and Warby Parker. Through custom-built software, incredible in-person experiences, and a host of other unique services, First Round helps tiny companies get big while constantly reimagining the role of venture capital.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Sep, 2016$65M / Series B
Sep, 2016$103.1M / Series D
Sep, 2016$120M / Series B
Sep, 2016$6.5M / Series A
Sep, 2016$6.95M / Series A
Sep, 2016undisclosed amount / Seed
Sep, 2016$3.35M / Seed
Aug, 2016$23M / Series B
Aug, 2016$14M / Series C
Aug, 2016$15M / Convertible Note
Jul, 2016$4M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2016$30M / Series B
May, 2016$7.6M / Series A
May, 2016$50M / Venture
May, 2016$2.5M / Seed
May, 2016$22M / Series D
May, 2016$160M / Series C
May, 2016$12M / Series B
May, 2016$2.6M / Seed (Lead)
May, 2016$11M / Series A
Apr, 2016$36M / Series C
Apr, 2016$2.8M / Seed
Mar, 2016$3.5M / Seed (Lead)
Mar, 2016$22.5M / Series A
Mar, 2016$3M / Seed (Lead)
Mar, 2016$1.6M / Seed
Feb, 2016$1.2M / Seed
Feb, 2016$2.2M / Seed
Feb, 2016$3.5M / Series A
Feb, 2016$13.5M / Series A
Feb, 2016$27.5M / Series C
Jan, 2016$2.6M / Seed
Jan, 2016$4.5M / Seed
Dec, 2015$35M / Series B
Dec, 2015$11M / Series A
Nov, 2015$9.6M / Venture
Oct, 2015$1.7M / Seed
Oct, 2015$15M / Series B
Oct, 2015$20.72M / Series B
Sep, 2015$100M / Series A (Lead)

Current Team (25)


Board Members and Advisors (3)


Funds (6)

Oct 4, 2010First Round Capital III LP$126M
Jun 27, 2012First Round Capital IV$135M
Sep 8, 2016First Round Capital VI$175M
Feb 8, 2008First Round II$125M
Unknown DateDorm Room Fund$2M
Jun 26, 2014First Round Capital V LP$175M

Sub Organizations (1)


Offices/Locations (3)

  • Philadelphia Office

    4040 Locust Street

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

    United States

  • New York Office

    200 Park Ave South (at 17th Street)

    Suite 1501

    New York, New York 10003

    United States

  • West Coast Office

    217 2nd Street

    5th Floor

    San Francisco, California 94105

    United States

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