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Fav.tv is a social TV guide enabling users to follow TV shows, view schedules, keep track of programs, read news and socially interact.
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Fav.tv is your social TV guide.

Fav.tv connects users to their favorite TV shows and to other people who love them too. Fav.tv transforms the TV viewing experience from “just watching” to a social and interactive experience. With Fav.tv, users can follow their favorite TV shows, view schedules, keep track of what they’re watching, read news and socially interact with all of the content and other users who are doing the same.

Fav.tv betters the TV viewing experience: * Get reminders about when the next episode of your favorite show is on. * Comment on episodes and shows and hear what your friends are saying. * Get news and updates about your favorite shows and characters. * Rate shows/episodes and discover new shows to watch. * Keep track of what episodes you missed and what you need to catch-up on.

Fav.tv’s social stream brings everything to you and only shows you the things you care about without making you do the hard work of digging for it.

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  • Clicker is an online platform for viewing TV shows, reading episode reviews, keeping up with breaking news, and joining fan communities.
  • Miso uses a second screen app to enhance the TV watching experience by offering viewers points and virtual badges for watching programs.
  • Check-in with Telfie.com and unlock exclusive stickers. Get the app, and start checking-in!
  • Tunerfish is a social media app that enables users to share what they watch on TV with their friends.

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