San Francisco, CA
FatFractal offers an applications development platform that combines PaaS and BaaS to enable developers to go from code to cloud.
Web Development, Developer APIs, Cloud Computing, PaaS, Apps, IaaS, Software, Mobile

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FatFractal offers an applications development platform that combines the power of an engine-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) with the elegance and simplicity of a Backend as a Service (BaaS), so developers can easily go from code to cloud.

Developers build native apps for mobile, web and any connected device the way they should be built: quickly and efficiently, leveraging native code on the clientside as well as harnessing the power of the backend.

As developers ourselves, the founders of the company recognized that creating applications with a cloud backend was far too hard. Since we couldn’t find a solution for creating apps with the optimal application architecture for the cloud, we built one.

Before FatFractal, developers could spend half their effort on busy-work, configuring an infrastructure, setting up a software stack, managing scalability and optimizing performance and security. FatFractal eliminates all that busy work as well as the need to write boilerplate code. With FatFractal, developers can focus on creating engaging and dynamic apps.

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