53 Investments in 39 Companies
1 IPO & 6 Acquisitions
Paris, Ile-de-France
Funds Raised:
Banking, Finance, Venture Capital
Elaia Partners was founded in 2002 as an independent private equity boutique focused on Digital Economy.

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Elaia Partners was founded in 2002 as an independent private equity boutique focused on Digital Economy.

Their belief is twofold: digital economy-related technologies are increasingly driving innovation growth in every key sectors and their focus in this sector will keep them among the leading experts in this domain.

Elaia is run by a team of four professionals with over sixty years of cumulative experience in technology, private equity or in operational roles in technology companies. They are committed to taking a very active role in our investee companies, helping them benefit from their broad technology know-how.

Elaia Partners currently manages €70 million mainly through Elaia Ventures, a French FCPR fund of €45 million backed by a diverse range of LPs – financial institutions, industrials and family offices. In addition to this fund’s commitments, Elaia Partners has managed €20 million through funds delegated by 123Venture and has also concluded a co-investment agreement with Neotec, which has already led to a €5 million delegation mandate.

They typically invest between €1 and €4 million, alone or through syndicated rounds, allocating some additional financing to the future financing needs of the company. They invest mainly in France. Nevertheless, they have a specific interest in Spain where they have already invested twice, and they have an opportunistic approach in European countries.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
May, 2016$10M / Series A
Dec, 2015€5M / Series A
Nov, 2015€6M / Series B
Oct, 2015$3.5M / Series B (Lead)
Oct, 2015€1M / Seed
Jul, 2015$2.2M / Seed
Mar, 2015€2M / Seed
Mar, 2015€2.5M / Series A
Jan, 2015€12M / Series B
Dec, 2014$1.8M / Seed
Sep, 2014€700k / Seed
Apr, 2014€1M / Angel
Mar, 2014€15M / Series C
Mar, 2014€315k / Venture (Lead)
Jan, 2014$1.2M / Seed
Nov, 2013€1.35M / Series A (Lead)
Nov, 2013$1.9M / Seed
Oct, 2013$1.8M / Series A (Lead)
Oct, 2013$5.2M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2013$2.6M / Venture
Jul, 2013€100k / Seed
May, 2013$1.3M / Seed
May, 2013$1.5M / Series A (Lead)
Apr, 2013$2M / Series A
Jan, 2013€1M / Series A (Lead)
Dec, 2012€1M / Seed
Nov, 2012$3M / Series A
Sep, 2012€10M / Series B
Jul, 2011€1M / Series A
Mar, 2011$5.5M / Series D
Sep, 2010€1M / Seed
Jun, 2009€4M / Venture
Jun, 2009€6M / Series B
Jun, 2009$8.4M / Series A
May, 2009€1.5M / Series A
Apr, 2009$16M / Series A
Mar, 2009$6.89M / Series B (Lead)
Jun, 2008$34M / Series C
Mar, 2008€10M / Series B (Lead)
Jan, 2008$10.4M / Series B

Funds (2)

Nov 10, 2015Digital Fund$120M
Oct 29, 2012Elaia Alpha$45M

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    54, rue de Ponthieu

    Paris, Ile-de-France 75008


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