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EkkoTV is an online hosted platform that provides real-time communication widgets for websites to interact with their visitors.
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ekko is an online hosted platform that provides websites a variety of real-time communication widgets enabling their visitors to more effectively interact on their sites.

Media companies, content and niche social networks, and aggregators need ways to promote more interaction, conversation and discussion in their sites between experts, professionals, visitors and community members. Many content oriented sites simply allow visitors to post data, media, and comments. There is no real-time communication or discussion around the content within these sites, or the direct ability for members to communicate. These sites also need to maintain their visitors experience and association with their brand and content, while considering how to further the interaction within their sites. Additionally, these sites need ways to draw additional visitors proactively and through their core user base.

To that end, ekko provides media companies, content-oriented social networks, and aggregators with a hosted, modular and customizable platform to enable multi-user communication and discussion right within their sites. Using any or all of the ekko platform modules, sites can provide their communities a branded experience with active conversation through broadcast discussions, text (IM), video and/or audio. The modules encourage activity, increasing time spent on the site, and draw new users to the site, simultaneously. The modules include: IM aggregator, white label site-specific IM server, video chat application, shared video player and more. The platform is easily implemented into sites by simply dropping in a few lines of code. It is hosted and managed by ekko and does not require specific hardware and software.

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