• Industries 
    Artificial Intelligence
    Image Recognition
    Information Technology
    Machine Learning
    Mapping Services
  • Headquarters Location  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Headquarters Regions  Great Lakes
  • Founded Date 2013
  • Founders  Jon Lipinski, Yuanming Shu
  • Operating Status Active
  • Last Funding Type Grant
  • Also Known As Ecopia Tech Corporation
  • Legal Name Ecopia Tech Corporation
  • Company Type For Profit
  • Contact Email
  • Phone Number (519)342-0193

Ecopia.AI is an artificial intelligence company specializing in extracting insight from geospatial big data.

The company's intelligent systems leverage groundbreaking advancements in machine learning to convert high-resolution imagery of earth into HD Vector Maps. It provides actionable insights for observing, analyzing, and monitoring business processes including asset management, risk assessment, and disaster response for organizations.

The Toronto, Ontario headquartered company was established in 2013.

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