San Diego, CA
User experience design agency, product development shop and content publisher that specializes in UX for fast growing startups.
Web Development, Product Design

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Digital Telepathy is on a mission to improve the design of the web by providing simple products and services that benefit any website and their users.

For the last 13 years their collaborative team has hand-crafted many useful products. SlideDeck (www.slidedeck.com), The Hello Bar (www.hellobar.com), and Filament (www.filament.io) are democratizing web design by making it easier to have great user engagement.

Digital Telepathy also provides professional services to to startups and brands who recognize that design is a competitive advantage. Their Objectives-Based Design Process that allows them to evolve website design over time with an iterative approach. They align design strategies with business metrics and validate the results to ensure each project makes a positive difference.

Products (4)

  • Spread your content further with the Flare sharing bar. It’s customizable, gorgeous on mobile devices & easy to install on any website.
  • Wordpress plugin to share ideas, processes and products in a clear and simple way
  • The only platform that intuitively shows you how to make your blog more engaging and also gives you the tools to make the changes.
  • Passport is all your online profiles in one engaging, interactive widget.

Offices/Locations (1)

  • Headquarters

    770 11th Ave.

    San Diego, CA 92101


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