Dayhaps is a mobile application for the creation and sharing of community calendars.
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Dayhaps is an free social online calendar platform. Dayhaps is creating a platform so you have millions of calendars ordered in 1 app. All those calendars are right there for you to reach out of your pocket.

Personal & Business

You can manage your personal and business calendar at 1 place in 1 app. Easily make appointments with friends, family or business contacts in a social environment.

Following Calendars

On Dayhaps you can follow your favorite calendars or create a public calendar which others can follow. So you can follow for example your favorite sports-team, your school schedule (or the schedule of your children), favorite TV shows, favorite artists etc. All those calendars will be visible in your own calendar and when something changes in 1 of the calendars all the followers of that calendar will be notified and the Hap (event) will automatically change on your calendar.

Website Calendar

When you create a public calendar you can show that calendar on your website by simply copy and paste a code to your website. Now all your website visitors can follow your calendar on their own calendar.

Social Environment

If you like you can share events with friends or family and upload videos, pictures and send messages to other Dayhaps users.

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Apr 7, 2013emerce.nl - Emerce news about Dayhaps Android
Apr 7, 2013frankwatching.com - News Site interview with Dayhaps CEO

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  • Tilburg Office


    The Netherlands

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