Toronto, Ontario
Crowdreel is a tech company that assists consumers in sharing content.

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Crowdreel delivers real-time access to images posted on Twitter and lets you search, share and add context to pictures in your existing Twitter network.

Crowdreel offers an unprecedented glimpse into the Twitterverse, allowing users to browse tweeted images in real-time and immediately see pictures posted by the people they follow.

Nearly half a million images are uploaded through Twitter everyday. The problem is this content is lost in a sea of hard-to-navigate links. Crowdreel makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for and uncovers content you might have missed out on in your feed.

This new service offers the ability to browse trending topics, popular retweets and content your followers are sharing – all without missing a tweet. The result is an enhanced, Facebook-like experience, putting what users want to see first.

Our technology “reels in” content from sites such as Twitpic, Yfrog and Tweetphoto to showcase the stories and people you want to look at. Within five seconds of sharing an image on Twitter, Crowdreel broadcasts it to the world in an easy to browse, simple way.

Crowdreel combs through the tweet stream to find what youâ€:tm:re looking for, whether itâ€:tm:s your favorite celebrity, a big news event or what your friends are up to. Users can sign in with an existing Twitter account and instantly see the photos they have posted, as well as what the people they follow have shared.

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  • PicFog is a real-time image search platform that shows pictures from Twitter as soon as they are posted.

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  • Headquarters

    72 Fraser st

    Toronto, Ontario M6K3G7


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