Total Equity Funding
$2M in 3 Rounds from 2 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$1.3M Seed on May 29, 2012
Atlanta, Georgia
CodeGuard provides website backup, monitoring, and malware remediation services to small and medium businesses.
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CodeGuard provides website backup, monitoring, and malware remediation services to small and medium businesses.

As anyone who has ever tried to recover a crashed or hacked website can attest, the "back-up" systems of many web hosting providers leave a lot to be desired. The back-ups sound reassuring in theory--you are assured that your data is always "backed-up" on a system that is completely separate from the main one and that you'll be able to access it whenever you need it. When disaster strikes, your site has been hacked or your developer make a simple mistake, you often discover that your backup is hard to access, out-of-date or has been affected by the same event.

CodeGuard is unlike ISP-based-backups. Instead of a static snapshot of your site kept by your ISP (hopefully), we use a File Integrity Monitoring system built on a version control system and store site data in the cloud. CodeGuard backups are stored as the differential between each daily scan of the site; allowing users visibility into what has changed along with the ability to undo changes on their site and restore to a past version in real time, much like Time Machine for Apple OS does for your laptop.

If the current backup solutions for webmasters are lackluster, then the systems that alert webmasters if their site has been hacked are absolutely appalling. Webmasters discover they have been hacked because traffic suddenly disappears, they see a warning message on Google when searching for themselves, or they get an email from a customer complaining about strange behavior.

CodeGuard's differential backup approach revolutionizes hacking detection and remediation. Rather than relying solely upon site scans and comparisons with known threats, we scan files that have been modified since our last backup This allows us to identify hacking and alert the site owner before they can spread malware, have their links pirated or act as a parasitic host for spammers--and before safe browsing alerts quarantines the site and kills all of the traffic.

In the event a hack or an unauthorized change is detected, webmasters can quickly revert to the last known good version and have their site working in minutes without engaging a developer to remediate the issue.

Funding Rounds (3) - $2M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
May, 2012$1.3M / Seed0
Jun, 2011$500k / Angel2
Oct, 2010$200k / Seed0

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