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2 Acquisitions
Total Equity Funding
$105M in 5 Rounds from 9 Investors
Seattle, WA
Chef is an automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code.
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Cloud Computing, Infrastructure, Software, Information Technology

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Chef is an automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. Chef allows its users to automate how they build, deploy, and manage their infrastructure.

It depends on reusable definitions known as recipes to automate infrastructure tasks. Instructions for configuring web servers, databases, and load balancers can be given as examples of these recipes. Together, recipes describe what its users’ infrastructure consists of and how each part of their infrastructure should be deployed, configured, and managed.

Recipes use building blocks called resources that describe some piece of infrastructure, such as a file, a template, or a package to be installed. People can use the many resources included in Chef, or create their own to manage configurations and legacy systems.

Whether its users’ network is in the cloud, on-site, or a hybrid, Chef can automate how they configure, deploy, and scale their servers and applications, whether they manage 5 servers, 5,000 servers, or 500,000 servers.

The Chef server stores its users’ recipes as well as other configuration data. The Chef client is installed on each node in its users’ network. A node can be a physical server, a virtual server, or a container instance. The Chef client periodically polls the Chef server for the latest recipes and checks to see if the node is in compliance with the policy defined by the recipes. If the node is out of date, the Chef client runs them on the node to bring it up to date.

Chef was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Seattle, W.A.

Funding Rounds (5) - $105M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Sep, 2015$40M / Series E6
Dec, 2013$32M / Series D6
Mar, 2012$19.5M / Series C4
Jun, 2010$11M / Series B2
Apr, 2009$2.5M / Series A2

Acquisitions (2)

Nov 3, 2015Unknown
Jul 15, 2014Unknown

Current Team (40)


Products (4)

  • Chef is an open source systems integration framework. Chef helps software developers and engineers manage server and application
  • Continuously deliver applications and infrastructure safely at speed
  • Hosted Chef was added to CrunchBase in 2011
  • Private Chef was added to CrunchBase in 2011

Competitors (5)

  • Ansible is an automation engine that makes systems and applications simple to deploy.
  • CFEngine is a pioneer in IT Automation. It radically simplifies and automates how companies build, consume infrastructure and devices
  • Inedo is a software company that delivers tools and products for incremental development and operations.
  • Puppet Labs is an information technology automation software company designed for system administrators.
  • SaltStack helps enterprise IT organizations and DevOps teams configure and manage all aspects of modern data center infrastructures.

Offices/Locations (3)


    20 Little Britain

    London, England WC1A 2 BP

    United Kingdom

  • Chef San Francisco

    48 2nd St.

    4th Floor

    San Francisco, California 94105

    United States

  • Main Office

    619 Western Ave

    Suite 400

    Seattle, WA 98104


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