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Founded in 1987 by Nicholas Kasun, CPA, CCAS has, since its inception, offered comprehensive accounting solutions for Government Contractors. Our first product, "CCAS for Government Contractors", was based in MS-DOS. Strong as that product was, things have changed considerably since then. Expanding upon that foundation, today we offer

accounting and information systems solutions designed for the popular computing platforms (PC & Mac), the Internet and the newest mobile devices such as the iPhone (and all "smart" phones) and the iPad...And our products now focus on the needs of any industry sector needing to manage project and labor costs - not just Government Contractors.

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Private Washington DC Metro Area Companies (Top 10K)
9,948 Number of Organizations • $30.6B Total Funding Amount • 4,154 Number of Investors
Private Virginia Companies (Top 10K)
9,918 Number of Organizations • $18.9B Total Funding Amount • 2,643 Number of Investors
iOS Companies (Top 10K)
9,721 Number of Organizations • $10.8B Total Funding Amount • 4,046 Number of Investors
Virginia Companies (Top 10K)
9,620 Number of Organizations • $33.5B Total Funding Amount • 2,783 Number of Investors