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CallUsAll.com is a consulting, recruiting and freelance job search website designed to help the average user land his/her dream job, while saving businesses money by offering consulting and recruiting services at a low cost online.

Instead of going to separate external specialists to accomplish those tasks, companies can come to us.

We do this by allowing a business to post an issue (aka a Question – it could be a simple paragraph opinion on a marketing initiative, or a complex computer programming problem for which the business lacks resources, or anything in between) that anyone who registers on CallUsAll can answer. The company can solve its issue by looking through all of the creative responses; or, for a small additional fee, we can filter the top responses. To the business, the world can be its consultant.

Businesses can use the consulting Questions just for solving problems, or they can use the responses to help them screen for the best and the brightest future employees.

Registered users, called Consultants, join for free and can include anyone who wants to standout in his/her industry, land a new job in a new industry, find freelance jobs with our DoNanza powered Freelance Job Search and/or make extra money. Consultants are trying to improve themselves by proving themselves.

Not only do we use the Questions for to solve businesses' problems and aid in recruiting, but we serve as a Test hosting site for companies that want to screen further for potential employees by using multiple choice tests.

And lastly, we allow all partners access to our dynamic Resume Search to communicate with our top consultants.

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Competitors (3)

  • CareerBuilder is an online platform specialized in HR Software-as-a-Service to help companies with the recruitment process.
  • Elance, an Upwork company, is an online service for finding and hiring leading freelancers from more than 180 countries.
  • Monster.com is an online network that enables jobseekers to find jobs and employers to access jobseekers in India.

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  • Cincinnati

    6875 Hunting Horn Court

    Hamilton, OH 45011


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