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$7M in 1 Round from 2 Investors
Kfar Saba, HaMerkaz
bTendo offers myPro, a micro-projection module to turn handheld devices into mobile personal projectors.
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Recognizing the need for better content viewing and greater content sharing among mobile subscribers, bTendo is introducing a new era in personal projection. Just like the speaker phone enhanced the use of audio content generated from a mobile device, bTendo's advanced projection module enhances the use of multimedia content generated from similar devices. bTendo envisions the day when projection modules, available either as an embedded or companion solution, are equipped in every laptop and handheld device - be it mobile phone, PDA, multimedia player, gaming console, or digital camera.

The groundbreaking laser-scanning display technology lies at the heart of myPro - bTendo's line of micro-projection modules. Enabling a big-screen projection and sharing experience of any rich multimedia content generated from a handheld mobile device, technology overcomes form factor, high power consumption and image quality constraints encountered by alternative microBased on raster scanning image rendering principles, bTendo's technology utilizes an innovative pair of MEMS scanning micro-mirrors that reflect three visible, optically-combined red, green and blue (RGB) laser beams. Incorporating unique design, which enables the use of electrostatic actuators, myPro projection modules consume low power while achieving high resolution, delivering spectacular image quality and introducing an unprecedented color gamut.

Fully confident that laser scanning will be the dominant micro-projection technology of the future, bTendo has not compromised on myPro's product performance. Designed for the lowest possible cost, projection modules are perfectly suited for mass production and flexible enough to be customized to address the needs of a variety of consumer electronic device manufacturers. As a result, myPro offers the surest and easiest entry into the new and dynamic personal micro-projection era.-projection technologies. As such, myPro is ideal as an embedded solution within a wide range of handheld devices - from mobile phones and PDAs to multimedia players and gaming consoles - turning them into personal, pocket-sized projectors.

Funding Rounds (1) - $7M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Jan, 2007$7M / Series A2

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Series A (Lead)

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