118 Investments in 77 Companies
2 IPOs & 15 Acquisitions
San Francisco, California
Funds Raised:
Angel Investment, Financial Services, Venture Capital
Blumberg Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in a range of technology companies.

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Blumberg Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs with transformative ideas. We partner with passionate founders to disrupt markets through innovation and build successful companies. Our team has extensive experience collaborating with companies in Financial Services, Security, Enterprise Software and SaaS, Digital and Social Media, Mobile and Consumer Internet. Our relevant operational expertise and focused network enable us to be bridge-builders, connecting entrepreneurs with partners to drive success. Blumberg Capital is headquartered in San Francisco with team members and advisors in Tel Aviv and New York.

Blumberg Capital specializes in leading Seed and Series A rounds in syndication with angels, venture capital firms and strategic investors. We are active investors and board members – operating as an extension of the entrepreneurs’ network. Our typical investments range from $500,000 to $3 million with additional amounts reserved for follow-on investments.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Oct, 2016$20M / Venture
Aug, 2016$7.5M / Series A (Lead)
Aug, 2016$6.6M / Series A
Aug, 2016$7M / Series A
Jul, 2016$9.5M / Series B
Jul, 2016$3M / Seed (Lead)
Jun, 2016$22M / Series C
Jun, 2016$7M / Series A
May, 2016$10.52M / Venture
May, 2016$24M / Series C and
Apr, 2016$12M / Series B (Lead)
Mar, 2016$2M / Seed (Lead)
Dec, 2015$15M / Venture
Oct, 2015undisclosed amount / Series B
Sep, 2015€82.5M / Series C
Sep, 2015$33.3M / Series C
Sep, 2015$1.5M / Seed (Lead)
Sep, 2015$1.3M / Seed
Sep, 2015$55M / Series B
Sep, 2015$4.5M / Seed (Lead)
Aug, 2015$6M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2015$5M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2015$9.59M / Series A
Jun, 2015$15M / Venture
Jun, 2015$2M / Venture (Lead)
Jun, 2015$3.5M / Series A (Lead)
Jun, 2015undisclosed amount / Series A
Jun, 2015$2M / Seed
Jun, 2015$11.5M / Series A
Jun, 2015$7.4M / Venture (Lead)
May, 2015$3M / Series A
May, 2015$2.2M / Seed
May, 2015$2.1M / Seed
Mar, 2015$20.5M / Series C
Mar, 2015$40M / Series B
Feb, 2015$5M / Venture (Lead)
Feb, 2015$2.5M / Seed
Dec, 2014$1.2M / Seed
Nov, 2014$10M / Series A
Oct, 2014$40M / Private Equity

Current Team (8)


Funds (3)

May 9, 2008Blumberg Capital II LP$90M
Feb 4, 2016Blumberg Capital IV$177.1M
Unknown DateBlumberg Capital III$150M

Offices/Locations (2)

  • Office

    Nahmani 34

    Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv


  • Headquarters

    501 Folsom St.

    Suite 400

    San Francisco, California 94105

    United States

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