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Belgrave Trust is a premium domain reseller site that strives to bring brandable domains.

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The Belgrave Trust is a web-based membership service that provides an efficient and effective way for individuals to live carbon neutral.

Users participate through a monthly personal subscription, and can also offset friends and colleague through a comprehensive set of gift options that include a selection of premiums for recipients.

Founded on a set of principles that include a commitment to diversification, innovation driven solutions to climate change, and an emphasis on speed and efficiency for users, the service manages and retires carbon offsets to counter members contribution to global warming via an actively managed portfolio of certified offset projects.

While optimized for accuracy on par with best-of-breed carbon calculators, the Belgrave Trust engine places a strong emphasis on ease of use and speed, achieved via a "drill-down" user flow that begins with initial approximations followed by subsequent refinement -- rather than the sequential "questionnaire" approach typically beset by multiple roadblocks and high abandonment rates.

This robust carbon footprint robust calculator is at the core of the Belgrave Trust value proposition, an order of magnitude increase in speed and efficiency, without a compromise in accuracy. Underlying the engine's architecture are algorithms based on actuarial principles, combined with emission assessments built on the prevailing consensus of the climate science community.

The actively managed offset portfolio is diversified by project type and location, and subject to review, with all projects certified by known third-party authorities. The diversified approach allays concerns inherent with single-source, self-sourced, or narrowly-focused voluntary offset services, as allocations shift in real time and adapt quickly to developments in science or policy.

In addition a small portion of the portfolio -- over and above obligations required to offset members -- is directed towards innovation funding to spur experimental technologies and create incentives to bring about paradigm changing solutions.

The Belgrave Trust was created by co-founders Jeffrey Stewart and Nicholas Baily in 2008. A social enterprise, the Belgrave Trust values high level customer service and the power of global markets, and seeks to expand the number of individuals living carbon neutral through the purchase of carbon offsets.

The service was introduced March of 2009 as an invitation-only alpha, announced widely with a public beta release November 5, 2009, and exited beta on January 20, 2010.

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Jan 20, 2011ecocentric.blogs.time.com - TIME Magazine - Article
Dec 11, 2010TechCrunch - Electric Composters Don’t Say “Holiday,” Where To Buy Green Tech Gifts Online

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