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axxun is revolutionary "disruptive technology" and application development application (yes it is just an application itself). It allows you to build any business application using developer created data only objects... no code representing the functionality of your application. With patent-pending axxun technology, you simply create intelligent objects to build your application. axxun automatically discovers, defines and manages the relationships between your objects. There’s no code generated, none to write and as a result there is none to compile, test or debug. By nature it’s perfect for incremental, iterative development. And it’s free to use to develop your applications. You save significant time and effort, while producing powerful applications with no compromises.

The last point is perhaps the most important. Many people view rapid development tools as oversimplified solutions that trade off features and functions for speed, and in most cases, they’re right. axxun is different. It gives you full control over the objects you create – you define the details, intelligence and relationships of your objects, giving you the same degree of control over the details of your application as you have when coding it from scratch. axxun frees you to focus on the requirements and functionality of your application and not the mundane tasks of putting it together.

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  • axxun HQ

    52 Lanark Rd

    2th Floor

    Stamford, CT 06902


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