Total Equity Funding
$1.09M in 4 Rounds from 12 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$27.74k Seed on July 15, 2016
San Francisco, California
Resonance AI creates connections between apps & devices to predict and anticipate users' needs and perform automatic smart actions.
Cloud Computing, Home Automation, Internet of Things, Industrial Automation

Company Details

March 5, 2013
11 - 50 | 8 in Crunchbase

Resonance AI is a key enabler to new generations of smart devices designed to: Listen to people's behavior across apps and devices Act accordingly with the desired action in the right moment for a magic experience Analyze the patterns and get the most out of them

It provides a framework for cross-device interactions to brands and device manufacturers that needs their products to make the best of the Internet of Things layer potential.

Most of the existing solutions for the Internet of Things provide strictly verticalized use cases, building ecosystems basically blind to any horizontal cross-device interaction. On the other hand, Atooma team is developing different SDKs for each of the main fragmented sectors of the IoT market, such as: automotive, home automation, wearables, and mobile devices. Also, as last step of integration within the platform, Atooma has developed a “suggestion engine” that makes use of the big data coming from user’s behavior monitoring, pro-actively suggesting them coherent and contextual use cases fitting their lifestyle, based on how they used the context-aware device.

“Context awareness is not just a buzz word, we are building the fast track for the full participation in the contextual era for the internet of things players.” - Fabrizio Cialdea, CEO of Atooma

Funding Rounds (4) - $1.09M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Jul, 2016€25k / Seed1
Apr, 2015$650k / Angel10
Mar, 2013$165k / Angel$3M0
Jan, 2013$250k / Seed3

Current Team (8)


Board Members and Advisors (2)


Products (3)

  • Your magical personal assistant. Atooma will take care of your daily routine with automatic actions, following an IF & DO logic.
  • IF something happens DO something else. This is the essence of a smart action. Use up to five pre-made Smart Actions, or make your own!
  • A white label SDK able to automate and and predict user's behaviours across apps and IOT sensors.

Competitors (7)

  • Create amazing products and services with our Internet of Things Platform.
  • Gimbal is the leader in providing contextual awareness solutions to enhance mobile engagement.
  • IFTTT is an internet automation service that enables users to create Recipes: simple connections between products and apps they use.
  • Smarter Technology. Powered by Trust. Enrich your products with personalized insights from the lives of people who use them
  • Build Smarter Apps. Engage Users Smartly. #BeContextAware. Semusi - Real Time Context Awarenes Platform to build a smarter apps Business
  • SmartAction provides hosted speech IVR services to medium-sized to Fortune 500-sized customer service call centers.
  • Internet Marketplace

Offices/Locations (3)

  • Atooma Office in Trento (Italy)

    Via Santa Croce 67



  • Atooma Office in San Francisco

    @ Mind the Bridge Fundation

    450 Towsand Street

    San Francisco, California 94103

    United States

  • Atooma Office in Rome (Italy)

    Via Giovanni Giolitti 34

    Rome, 00185


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