New York, NY
AsianDate is an innovative dating site that connects Asian singles around the world.

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April 27, 2009
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AsianDate.com holds a grandiose place over its competitors in the Far East

AsianDate.com is a unique site that brings people and cultures together, a worldwide network of people who only share a common goal. You want to find the right partner for a common and abundant life together. Here you have the best opportunity.

It's never been easier to look for your sweetheart on the internet and ultimately find it. The technical possibilities are endless and are continually developed , so that the reality of the first communication is immediately accessible for both sides.

AsianDate.com puts a lot of emphasis on the service and the quality of the offered Dating in the internet. The customers feel at home from the first moment when they enter our website. With many personal stories of our customers who write their experience on our website and share it to all of the potential clients, so they can get an idea of the service quality of our service.

The personal achievements of our clients make us proud and demonstrate that we have chosen the right sequences. Especially with the website AsianDate.com we achieve a variety of positive feedback which encourages us to make this market more active and more attractive.

Due to our partners in asia and their agencies on site, we have the certainty that the net provided profiles actually have a real background and are no fantasies . Each Lady will be reviewed by us for their reliability in terms of their notions of dating , so we have virtually no fake profiles in our data base. Enjoy not only the sight of her elect in their profile , you always have the possibility to communicate actively from the beginning. (email , chat, video chat, etc. ) You are welcome to use all the possibilities of dating on our websites . It has never been easier, succesful and .......

Due to the constant further development of our technical quality standards, and our personal customer support, we improve our structures and can prevent the abuse of our data quickly. Our staff will assist you during our business hours, and can help you to answer all your questions.

Our Website AsianDate.com is part of the global company AnastasiaDate which was founded in 1993 with the target to help Partners seekers to find globally their lovely partner of choice. Our sites have millions of users that communicate with each other every day, chat, write emails or use our video chat.

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  • Headquarters

    551 Fifth Ave

    28th Floor

    New York, NY 10017


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