Houston, Texas
Aqumin is a financial services company specializing in the integration of complex financial data into a single visual environment.
Stock Exchanges, 3D Technology, Finance, Software, FinTech

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Aqumin builds AlphaVisionâ„¢, a financial market interpretation application. They make use of 3D visualization, sophisticated data-aggregation, and high-end analysis algorithms to help market participants interpret their world faster, with greater accuracy, at lower cost.

Aqumin, founded in 2008, builds financial market interpretation software called AlphaVisionâ„¢. Using 3D visualization, sophisiticated data-aggregation, and high-end analysis algorithms, AlphaVisionâ„¢ enables market paticipants to identify activity in financial markets that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to detect. Aqumin's technology platform provides seamless integration of large data streams from first tier providers such as ThomsonReuters, Bloomberg, NYSE, Nasdaq, ActiveFinancial and others; covering securities from all over the world and combining them into an interactive 3D visual and computational environment. Customers benefit by being able to bring diverse information together to answer questions about securites markets and navigate the results in global context.

Much as Google Earth has enabled new classes of GIS applications through the use of XML APIs and mashups, Aqumin's AlphaVisionâ„¢ is enabling new paradigms in the way professionals look at equity and equity deriviatives trading, risk management, order execution & buy-write, as well fundamental research. AlphaVision is sold as a monthly subscription service or as an add-on to the Bloomberg Terminal (see REG). Headquartered in Houston, Texas with a presence in New York and Chicago, Aqumin is currently generating revenue and is presently raising captial to fund expanded marketing and sales opportunities in the United States and select markets globally.

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  • Houston Office

    7676 Woodway Drive

    Suite 325

    Houston, Texas 77063

    United States

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