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Singapore, Central Region
Amazing Worlds is a 3D mirror world providing exact replica of world famous locations globally.

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May 18, 2007
October 1, 2012
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Amazing Worlds is the pioneer of the Worlds 1st 3 Dimensional Mirror World. Focusing on a Mirror World (exact replica) of world famous locations globally.

The Amazing Worlds Engine is capable of supporting massive amount of online users to thousands of online users in one location and millions of online users globally. Powerful Graphics drive the engine to show all kinds of animations, like Rain, Snow, Fire and Water to give a realistic 3D feel to the users. Photo Realistic engine allows true to life displays of actual locations.

Amazing Worlds make use of the latest graphics engine and online technology and apply it to Mirror World through an online medium no longer confined by physical and geographical limitations. A true-to-life Amazing online world can be created, reaching out to a global audience like no one ordinary medium can.

Sophisticated Multi Language support allows multiple language support to cater to international audiences, and complete with a high fidelity sound engine, a realistic world can be shown for the 1st time in 3D.

Amazing Worlds can also be scaled for specific events, malls or hypermarkets. Leveraging our Amazing online platform, event organizers and venue owners can attract more traffic to their real-world offerings by offering a content-rich and feature-rich Virtual dimension for participants to experience and interact online in real time, via a familiar and friendly user interface. Each event can effectively engage a global audience, which would otherwise have been difficult to attract and accommodate in a mere physical location

Check out their Photo Gallery of some of the screen captures as well as a Online Video Demo http://www.amazingworlds.com/gallery.php

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