44 Investments in 29 Companies
1 IPO & 8 Acquisitions
Oslo, Oslo
Alliance Venture is an Oslo-based venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology companies.

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Alliance Venture is a venture capital firm managing venture funds investing in privately held, early stage technology companies. Total funds under management is 850 MNOK (about $ 100 million)

Alliance Venture was formed in 2001 by a team of experienced executives, with a good balance between operations and business, applied research, entrepreneurial and financial background that enables efficient investment evaluations and active follow-up. This is supported by a network of strategic alliances, who can contribute with know-how, deal flow, due-diligence, co-investments and partnerships with the portfolio companies.

Alliance Venture is differentiating itself in Scandinavia by its strong operational and international experience and network which is used in deal flow generation, benchmarking and business development.

-The partners individually have both relevant competence in the areas we invest in, and experience from starting, developing and managing companies in these industries.

  • Alliance Venture actively extends these competencies through a network of business-partners, strategic investors and advisors.
  • Alliance Venture has a good deal flow from its network with industrial partners, tech executives, R&D institutions, VCs and other professionals, and its value added investor position.
  • The team has a track record from previous investments, ranging from selection, through value creation, to exit.
  • Alliance Venture has the local and global alliances needed to succeed both in qualifying and selecting companies and in developing and launching them internationally.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Aug, 2016$5M / Venture
Sep, 2015€7.1M / Series A (Lead)
Aug, 2015$3.8M / Seed
Aug, 2015$2.7M / Seed
Jun, 2015$45M / Series D
Feb, 2015$19M / Venture
Feb, 2015$5.3M / Series A
Jan, 2015$2.8M / Seed
Dec, 2014$12M / Series A
Jun, 2014$3.5M / Seed
Jun, 2014$3.5M / Venture
May, 2012$1.5M / Series A
Jul, 2011$18.5M / Series B
Sep, 2010undisclosed amount / Venture
Sep, 2010$3.56M / Venture
Feb, 2010$840k / Seed
Jun, 2009$5.9M / Series D
May, 2009$3.43M / Venture
Apr, 2008$20M / Series F
Nov, 2006$14M / Series C
Apr, 2006$26M / Series E
Sep, 2005$17M / Series E
Jun, 2005$13.5M / Series C
Dec, 2004$20M / Series D
Mar, 2004$20M / Series D
Jan, 2004$10.5M / Series B
Dec, 2003$10M / Series B
Nov, 2003$10M / Series C
Jan, 2003$4.6M / Series A (Lead)
Dec, 2002$22M / Series C
May, 2002$17.8M / Series C
Apr, 2002$15.5M / Series B
Apr, 2002$5M / Series A (Lead)
Feb, 2002$5.2M / Series B
Dec, 2001$25M / Series B
Sep, 2001$40M / Series C
Sep, 2001$21M / Series A (Lead)
Aug, 2001$6M / Series A (Lead)
Jun, 2001$8M / Series A
Apr, 2001$4.2M / Series B

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  • Office

    2100 Geng Road

    Suite 200

    Palo Alto, California 94303

    United States

  • HQ

    Parkveien 41b

    Oslo, Oslo N-0258


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