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Yahoo's Open Search Platform, code-named SearchMonkey, allows third parties to add additional content to their search results such as

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Yahoo's Open Search Platform, code-named "SearchMonkey," allows third parties to add additional content to their search results such as images and other structured data. The modifications made will only be viewable to those who choose to add them, and in this way, this platform is very similar to GreaseMonkey, but with server-side integration. Third party integration does not affect search rankings, Yahoo says. Platform launch partners include Yelp and The New York Times.

In March 2009 Yahoo announced a new facet of the SearchMonkey program known as SearchMonkey Objects. This enhancement to the program allows content owners to simply add the specified mark-up relating to their type of content and await Yahoos crawlers. When indexed the site will be automatically enhanced within Yahoos results.

At the first anniversary of the Product Yahoo published some key statistics from their program:

• SearchMonkey is currently live in 23 markets around the world • 70 million enhanced SearchMonkey results are viewed by users every day. • Site owners have seen a more than 15% increase in the click-through rates of their SearchMonkey search results when tested against non-SearchMonkey results. • 200 people enter the developer tool and start creating an application each day. • Over 15,000 developers have registered to build applications, with over 400 applications available for use in galleries. • RDFa structured data driven by SearchMonkey has increased by 413% since October, 2008.

Following closely behind the anniversary Yahoo announced it's second set of Objects (News, Discussions, Products, Events and Local) and support for Google's GBase structured format which allows site owners to upload their unmodified GBase feeds directly to Yahoo. http://www.ysearchblog.com/2009/06/18/searchmonkey-updates-new-enhanced-results-and-support-of-google-base-formatting/

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