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TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Performance Manager was added to CrunchBase in 2012

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TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Performance Manager’ provides the capability to monitor and manage web services for its TIBCO ActiveMatrix suite of products and TIBCO BusinessWorks web services. TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Performance Manager not only provides you with instant visibility into running your services, but also allows you to set up automatic deployment of extra service instances in order to meet load spikes. It allows you to set up rules to monitor service performance, service availability, service usage, and more. Basic project workflow of ‘Service Performance Manager’. Service Performance Manager facilitates ‘SOA Monitoring & Management’: - Service Level Agreement (SLA) Compliance - Dynamic Provisioning of Services - Integrated Governance platform Service Performance Manager comes as a plug-in for Tibco ActiveMatrix (Administrator). After installation it would be available as a component in Tibco ActiveMatrix Administrator. Configuring Service Performance Manager in Tibco ActiveMatrix Administrator which comes a slick GUI (powered by Tibco GI) is a breeze.

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