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The goal of the project is extremely ambitious - to map, model and analyze what makes startups tick, what helps them succeed and why many of them fail. The team is hoping that the insights generated through this project will create useful tools for increasing success rates of startups during their initial growth periods, as well as will shed light on interesting phenomena and pitfalls so that startups can be more efficient.

The team laid the foundation for the Startup Genome Project by creating a system that allows it to the synthesize best practices for creating successful startups. It combines insights from many thought leaders including Steve Blank, Alex Osterwalder, Janice Fraser, Eric Ries, Sean Ellis, Dave Mcclure and Geoffrey Moore; with Steve, Alex and Janice directly supporting the project.

The project engaged with 50+ technology startups in Silicon Valley, with early prototypes suggesting significant improvements in focus, iteration speed, time to pivot and effective outreach to mentors & service providers. But in order to take the Startup Genome Project to the next level, the project needs a much larger dataset to validate the work that has been done so far. You can contribute by filling out the survey. It requires about 5 minutes.

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