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SkimLinks was launched in 2008

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Skimlinks had an interesting start at life as a completely different company! Our founder Alicia Navarro originally created Skimbit, a social decision-making website, way back in 2006. In an effort to earn more from the site, Alicia tried affiliate marketing, with a twist.

She and her small team had created a technology that automated the entire process of earning from affiliate, so they didn't have to spend time on it and could focus on growing the rest of the business. Spotting a gap in the market for such a technology, Skimbit pivoted to become Skimlinks in November 2008 with co-founder Joe Stepniewski coming on board.

The company quickly grew to where it is today, with a busy team, spread across continents and an ever-expanding product suite. We've grown from being an online publisher ourselves to a company dedicated to helping publishers earn.

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